Jan 31

Shannon Ragonesi

Jayne Freeman & Shannon Ragonesi will provide labor & employment legal update and keys to defending disciplinary decisions at Pacific Northwest Ski Area Association (PNSAA) Spring Meeting

by Shannon Ragonesi

Shortly after the “first 100 days” will be a choice time to examine changes implemented by the new administration that will impact the world of labor and employment law. At the April 2017 PNSAA Spring meeting in Bend, OR, Jayne Freeman and Shannon Ragonesi of Keating Bucklin & McCormack, Inc. P.S. will be providing a legal update to industry employers, supervisors, human resources personnel, and risk managers regarding recent and expected changes in employment regulations and policies that will impact the industry. Jayne & Shannon will also provide a presentation on useful tips to ensure your disciplinary decisions are defensible in court.  

“Sure is fun to walk in to a courtroom with an attorney you know isn't likely to lose a case.”

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