Oct 03

Brian Augenthaler

KBM Releases Police Videos for News Media

by Brian Augenthaler

KBM's Andy Cooley and Brian Augenthaler launched a YouTube channel with the hopes of clearing up frequent misconceptions regarding hot topics in policing. The intended audience for the videos are news reporters and other members of the media that need background to cover a police shooting accurately.

The first seven videos in the collection are available to watch and include the following topics:

  • Why do police handcuff subjects that  appear to be already incapacitated after a shooting?
  • Why would an officer shoot at a vehicle?
  • When do the police move a body after a shooting and when do they leave it in place?
  • Why would the police shoot a person that is armed "only" with an edged weapon?
  • Why don't the police do CPR on someone that has been shot?
  • Why do the police shoot a subject so many times?
  • Why does the shooting officer delay in giving a statement?

Click on the following link to access the videos:


“I really appreciate you and the others at KBM for all you do to support law enforcement. You are very respected, and have made myself and many others feel very confident going into legal proceedings...”

Satisfied Police Client,