Oct 08

Brian Augenthaler

Legal Assistant Elena Ortiz Graduates from Lynnwood PD's Citizen's Patrol

by Brian Augenthaler

KBM Legal Assistant Elena Ortiz was recently certified as a volunteer citizen patrol for the Lynnwood Police Department. Elena signed up for the Citizen’s Police Academy. The group met on weeknights for four-hour blocks. Following the Academy, Elena submitted a comprehensive application for the Citizen’s Patrol, including an intensive background check, which was not unlike the background check Elena did for her Army service security clearance.

After significant training and an oral board, Elena graduated from Citizen’s Patrol along with eleven others in her class. Citizen’s Patrol provides numerous services to the Lynnwood Police Department, including directing traffic, opening locked card doors, providing bike patrol, transports, and helping with weather-related and crime scene emergencies.


Elena’s dedication to the Lynnwood Police Department is a testament to her and KBM’s commitment to law enforcement. Congratulations to Elena for her certification!

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