Feb 10

Kim Waldbaum

Mike and Kim win attorney fees for city client

by Kim Waldbaum

Mike Walter and Kim Waldbaum scored a resounding victory for the City of Puyallup, prevailing at every turn and obtaining over $250,000 in attorney fees for the City in the process.  Plaintiffs owned property in unincorporated Pierce County and sought a water service permit from the City of Puyallup.  Plaintiffs challenged a City of Puyallup Municipal Code provision which required an applicant to agree to annex their property to the City of Puyallup as a condition of obtaining the water service permit, filing a LUPA Petition and a Complaint for Damages pursuant to Ch. 64.40 RCW. The Pierce County Superior Court eventually granted summary judgment in favor of the City and awarded attorney fees and costs in the amount of $132,790.65 against the Plaintiffs under Ch. 64.40 RCW and $45,000 in attorney fees against the attorney for the Plaintiffs for violations of Civil Rule 11.  The Court of Appeals, Division II, affirmed the Superior Court in all aspects in two separate opinions, dated November 21, 2017, and November 28, 2018 (Case # 45476-9), and granted appellate attorney fees and costs in the amount of $75,584.73 against the Plaintiffs. The State Supreme Court denied Plaintiffs Petition for Review on June 6, 2019.

“Jeremy Culumber's preparation and execution was absolutely phenomenal.”

Bruce Linton, Assistant Chief of Police, Tukwila Police Department