Jan 04

Stewart Estes

Stew Estes wins Ninth Circuit Appeal

by Stewart Estes

Earlier today, the Ninth Circuit affirmed KBM’s Stew Estes’ defense verdict in the case of Medvedeva v. City of Kirkland. The appeal arose from Stew’s trial victory in August of 2015. The case involved the Kirkland police investigating a leak in the plaintiff’s apartment building. Despite telling her about the need to investigate the leak, the plaintiff refused to open the door for about 40 minutes. Eventually, the officers entered the front door and were met with physical resistance. The Ninth Circuit confirmed that the officers had probable cause to arrest the plaintiff for obstruction and that the officers did not arrest the plaintiff for expressing her First Amendment rights. The Ninth Circuit also affirmed the trial court’s jury instructions on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Congratulations Stew!

“It was very apparent to me that Stew's skillful representation of our officers was personal to him, they were more than simply another client”

Bill Hamilton, Interim Chief of Police, Kirkland Police Department