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Jeremy W. Culumber


Jeremy graduated from Wheaton College in 1997 with a degree in Sociology and Linguistics.  He graduated cum laude from Seattle University School of Law in 2004, and joined KBM immediately upon passing the bar. Since 2004, Jeremy's practice has focused exclusively on the defense of public entities and their employees in all aspects of civil litigation at the federal and state levels, including law enforcement civil rights (excessive force, false arrest, etc.), general civil rights, land use, road design and maintenance, employment, premises liability, and general tort issues.  He has been named a rising star in civil rights litigation by Washington law & Politics Magazine for three years running.

Jeremy is also a sought-after speaker and trainer for municipalities and their member-owned risk pools on a wide variety of litigation and risk management issues.

Jeremy has chaired the Governmental Liability section of Washington Defense Trial Lawyers.

Representative Cases

     Dualeh v. United States et al., United States District Court, West. Dist. Of WA, CV10-498JLR: The DEA served 18 simultaneous narcotics warrant stemming from a nationwide investigation into the importation of khat from the Horn of Africa, the proceeds of which were funneled to support Islamic Terrorism. Various municipal agencies contributed detectives to assist in service of the warrants. One of the targets of the investigation claimed the municipal officers failed to properly “knock and announce” their presence, assaulted Plaintiff and his family, and denied his wife and children their religious freedom by not allowing the females to wear headscarves or appropriate clothing in the presence of strangers. Jeremy Culumber and Richard Jolley represented the 7 municipal officers and their various agencies. After a 3-day trial, the jury returned a complete defense verdict, finding that the municipal officers did not violate Plaintiffs’ 4th Amendment Rights or rights to Free Exercise of their religion. After Plaintiffs appealed, Jeremy successfully argued the case to the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, who affirmed the jury verdict.

     Koenig v. Bainbridge Island et al., United States District Court, West. Dist. Of WA, CV10-5700RJB: Plaintiff and her husband, a well-known civil rights attorney, were pulled over for investigation of DUI. Plaintiff, who was the passenger in the vehicle (and also an attorney), claimed she had a right to give legal advice to her husband as the officer conducted his DUI investigation. Despite being told several times to get back in her vehicle, Plaintiff refused. After being arrested for Obstruction, she sued, claiming she was both physically and sexually assaulted during her arrest. Jeremy Culumber and Richard Jolley represented the defendant police officer and the City of Bainbridge Island. At trial, the jury returned a complete defense verdict, finding no wrongdoing by the Officer or the City.

    Pruitt v. Arlington, United States District Court, West. Dist. Of WA, CV-08-01107MJP: City of Arlington Police were investigating a dispute among teenagers, and came to Plaintiff’s residence to speak to her about the incident. According to Plaintiff, the police kicked in her door, dragged her from her residence, and forced her to stand in full view of her neighbors while inappropriately dressed. Jeremy Culumber an Richard Jolley represented the defendant officer and the City of Arlington. At trial, the jury returned a complete defense verdict.

  • Defense verdict for City of Kent in police pursuit matter. Plaintiff claimed significant injuries. Jury returned a defense verdict in 15 minutes.
  • Defense result for City of Issaquah in crosswalk fatality. Plaintiff husband and wife sued the City for the death of their 4-year old son. Jury voted for defense verdict for city and began to deliberate damages against driver, when case settled.
  • Defense verdict for Harborview Medical Center and University of Washington in Paramedic Training accident. Plaintiff was a firefighter engaged in advanced paramedic training at UW. She suffered a trimalleolar fracture of the ankle during a training exercise, rendering her unable to continue working as a firefighter.
  • Summary judgment dismissal of federal civil rights lawsuit where Plaintiff alleged he was improperly stopped for a traffic violation, falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned, and that his vehicle was improperly seized.
  • Summary judgment dismissal of civil rights lawsuit brought against the City of Kent by a state prisoner, alleging improper sentence calculation by City Corrections personnel.
  • Summary judgment dismissal of federal civil rights lawsuit alleging excessive force and racial abuse by the Tukwila Police Department.
  • Summary judgment dismissal of federal civil rights lawsuit alleging wrongdoing against the City of Fife Police Department and its Chief of Police
  • Successful arbitration where two plaintiffs sought approximately $140,000 for injuries stemming from a traffic accident with a Kent Police Detective. After briefing and argument, the Arbitrator awarded plaintiffs less than $200 in combined damages.
  • City of Des Moines v. Gray Businesses, LLC, 124 P.3d 324 (2005): Reversal of adverse verdict in important government takings litigation. Trial court entered summary judgment in favor of Plaintiff prior to our involvement. Based on argument and briefing by Jeremy Culumber and Mike Walter, the State Court of Appeals not only reversed summary judgment for the Plaintiff, but actually entered summary judgment in favor of the City.
  • Summary Judgment in favor of local city in multi-million dollar lawsuit by developer alleging negligent misrepresentation by City staff regarding wetland buffers and stream categorizations under City and State law.
  • Dismissal of lawsuit alleging liability against local city for negligent design and maintenance of dock and boat launch facility.
  • Jeremy has successfully litigated land-use lawsuits involving a variety of issues, including permits, sewer/water issues, storm water retention, zoning, flooding, and various federal land-use issues including Equal Protection and First Amendment claims.


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Education, Recognition, and Honors

  • B.A.:  Sociology and Linguistics, Wheaton College (IL), 1997. 
  • J.D.:  Seattle University, cum laude, 2004.
  • Named "Rising Star in Civil Rights Litigation":  2011, 2012, 2013.

“It was very apparent to me that Stew's skillful representation of our officers was personal to him, they were more than simply another client”

Bill Hamilton, Interim Chief of Police, Kirkland Police Department