Premises Liability Litigation

Any business or agency with facilities open to the public may be faced with Premises Liability.

Any business or agency with facilities that are open to the public may eventually be accused of negligence when injuries result from a slip, trip, flip, fall, accident or even intentional misconduct by a third party at their premises. The attorneys at KBM have significant experience in the unique aspects of handling premises liability cases. We defend private and public clients – representing individuals, public entities and major private corporations in both complex and straightforward claims.

The Pacific Northwest is a spectacular playground for a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities and sports. Unfortunately, injuries sometimes occur when people participate in sports. KBM attorneys specialize in representing ski resorts, ski schools, outdoor adventure companies, guide companies, outdoor clubs, and governmental agencies in premises liability and personal injury claims involving skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, road biking, backpacking, swimming, water skiing, boating, wake-boarding and other outdoor activities. Our trial expertise is invaluable in successfully defending wrongful death and serious injury claims resulting during recreational activities.

We expertly provide personalized attention to all of our clients, regardless of size. Whether the decision is to launch an aggressive defense to a claim or to reach an early resolution, we offer our clients innovative and cost effective strategies that get excellent results.

“KBM was great. They were incredibly driven, smart, and aggresive in handling our case. If you want to win, hire Keating, Bucklin and McCormack.”